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A Real Team!

Hey Q’ologist!

I want to help you with everything Brand Development! Let’s start with the foundation of any great business, idea, or brand. Let’s talk about The Team.

You might be the one with the vision, but it takes more than just one to get the vision moving in a forward direction. Every great vision needs a great team. The size of your team is not as important as the quality of your team. You can have a team of 3, yet each member knows their placement and how to best use their gifting and skill to push your vision forward. Take me for example; I have a team of 3 and although we’re small in number, I know what skills are needed to make my business successful. It’s essential to know the strengths of your team members and yourself so you can properly position those strengths.

Here’s something I want you to remember…

The right team will help you to be your best. The ‘Yes Men and Women’ are a no go for business professionals, especially entrepreneurs. We need honest and integral people on our teams that won’t be afraid to tell us the truth because it’s for the betterment of the business.

The right team will stay. Your team is to grow with you and your vision. As entrepreneurs, we must be careful and meticulous about who we share our visions with and who really believes in us. 

These foundational tips are sure to get your vision off the ground and on the move!

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Talk to you later Q’ologist!

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