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Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Dreamers. Moguls.

Here at Chance436 Design Studios, we want to help you with your visual branding experience! ⁠

⁠We know it can be tough building a visual brand, especially during times like these. You may want to create something that serves your community, but you don’t have all the resources you need. ⁠Visibility and consistency are important factors for the visuals of your brand, it builds trust with your audience. Trust, visibility, and consistency are the most crucial things people need to see and know right now!

That’s why I am so excited to present to you our April Graphic Giveaway!

Every Sunday in the month of April, we want to equip 2 entrepreneurs with our Creative Starter Package for FREE! ⁠

Included in the Package: ⁠

1 Text-based logo⁠

1 Flyer⁠

2 Social Media Header- Facebook and LinkedIn⁠

3 Social Media Templates⁠

2 Story Templates⁠

⁠All you have to do is follow me on Instagram @webrandyourco, we will announce the winners every Sunday afternoon at 12:00 pm, follow my instructions so you can be one of the special entrepreneurs! ⁠Now if you can afford my services and you know a fellow entrepreneur that can really use this; share this information with them!

We have also created a Creative Process Journal, just for you! How to Build Your Brand in 30 Days, is a 15-page detailed brand-builder guide that will give you step by step instructions and inspiration to move your brand from here to the FUTURE!

Our Creative Process Journals comes in both Digital and Hard copies. Digital copies price at $10.00, Hard copies price at $15.00 including a tax.

You can purchase How to Build Your Brand in 30 Days, Creative Process Journal on our website at

For more information about our FREE Graphic opportunity, see our promo below!

Remember you can always find me and more of what I do on Instagram and Facebook at webrandyourco, and visit my website at

Stay Safe, Q’ologist!

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