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What type of branding are you practicing? Hmm...

Hey, Creatives!

We all want to constantly move our idea/business/brand from one level of success to another. Who wants to put in all their life and energy into something and see no movement or progression? It can be really discouraging, right? Well, I wanted to share with you some different types of ways we all brand, some of these types aren’t beneficial to your business at all, but we all need to be aware of the types of effort we put into our brand!

Different Types of Branding

1. Branding with Trust- We see this a lot, especially with more non-profit organizations like; St. Jude’s Hospital and Feed the Children. They use real-life testimonials from the people that are affected by whatever problem or circumstance in their branding materials. They showcase their honest and personal stories to motivate people to give and participate. Their level of transparency and vulnerability prompts the trust of the viewer.

2. Branding with Visibility- Franchises like McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, Starbucks, etc.… all use the power of visibility as their branding method. The more people see their billboards, commercials, brochures, ads; the more they want their favorite thing. Once you see something that you remember is good, you can’t help but crave that thing you see.

3. Branding with Intention- Intention is everything you put out or post that has a purpose and particular reason, a back story leading towards an overall goal. This is the type of branding where business owners’ have a great understanding of their purpose and they are fully focused and in tune with their clients and consumers needs.

4. Branding with Fear- Let’s just talk about the Corona Virus (COVID-19). No matter your opinion of what’s happening, we have to admit from a branding point of view; social media, drug stores, and pharmaceutical companies have done a “great” job with hyping up stories about this virus that may or may not be true. Over exaggeration is usually used in these instances, just to get customers to empty their shelves. Animals are another example of using fear as a tactic to get people to buy or not to buy, to support or not to support a product or a cause. The point is people are always afraid of what they don’t understand or are completely ignorant of. As creatives, we have the power to influence and give people a different story, something they haven’t heard or seen before.

5. Branding with Convenience- Let’s be real when you’re a real business owner nothing is at your convenience most of the time. When your dream moves from a plan to a reality; you sacrifice your time, money, relationships, desires and sometimes even your health gets pushed to the side. The CEO life is the most satisfyingly inconvenient life. People who don’t take the time to make the time and brand whenever they have the time will have an inconsistent brand. You know how I feel about consistency! Inconsistency just leaves your brand without the trust of your audience and leave them very confused about who you are as a company.

Hopefully, I’ve helped you identify some of the ways you may have been branding yourself/business. Let’s all do a self-evaluation and see if maybe we need to change the way we’ve been doing things or continue to evolve!

For more branding tips and resources follow me on Instagram @webrandyourco Facebook @chance436designstudios, and visit my website at

Talk to you later Q’ologist!

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