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Brand vs. Logo

Hey Q’ologist!

In the previous blog, we discussed how important it is to have a great team. Now let’s talk about another key component of having an awesome brand! Let’s talk about LOGOS!

Logos are everything! They’re more than just a symbol, but logos are the very first visual representative that future customers and clients will see of your company/business/brand. It leaves a lasting first-time impression and it can make your brand memorable or forgettable.

I’d like to give you some good starting points for creating and developing your logo. Write these down!

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Having to many elements can not only confuse your consumers but allow them to sometimes predetermine the professionalism of your brand.

A clean designed minimalistic logo can be determined as more upscale and professional. A logo with too many colors, letters, or symbols can be responsible for turning potential clients away before they even get you.

2. Make sure it is distinct so your brand can be solely identified as your brand. Well known brands like, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, H&M etc… all have very distinct and quickly identifiable logos that are recognized all over the world. Not only that, but when customers see the logos or even the colors, they have a memory of their experience and service of the company.

Think about this… How do you want your brand to be remembered in 20 years? Do you see your symbol, color, text? When people think about your brand, what will they remember?

That’s all for today, but I hope this blog has given you some vision!

Don’t forget, you can find me on Instagram @webrandyourco Facebook @chance436ds, and visit my website at

Talk to you later Q’ologist!

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