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Wear Your Brand!

Hey, Q’ologist!

As we continue this journey of branding development, lets talk about a very important visual component.

Remember when I stated previously, that ‘seeing is believing’? More than just getting your logo created and picking brand colors, the best visual representation of your brand is you. You are the number one brand ambassador! When people see you there should be very little question about who you are and what you do.

Whether it’s a branded t-shirt, canvas bag, eyewear, hat or even a pen; wearing your brand will always get people curious and asking questions.

Here’s 2 positive aspects of wearing your brand:

1. It’s a Conversation Starter- The uniqueness of your logo will cause interest and people will start to ask questions about you and what you do. Doesn’t matter where you go, grocery store, car dealership or at the mall.

2. Makes it Memorable- Even if you don’t have a monogrammed logo on your person, wearing your brand colors consistently can make your business fresh in the minds of people who see you on the regular bases. So, even if they see your brand colors while they’re running errands, your business will come to mind.

If you want others to believe in your brand, then you have to believe in it first and foremost! Remember no one wears something they don’t believe in. So, wear your brand and wear it proudly, no matter what it is a t-shirt, bag, or a pen!

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Talk to you later Q’ologist!

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